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2016 Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School & John Monash Science School합격 김소연학생 수강후기 16.09.14

With unending guidance and motivation obtained from Wisdom Tree Education, I was able to reach my goal of being accepted into John Monash Science School and in addit...


2016 Melbourne High School합격 조재형학생 수강후기 16.09.14

Wisdom Tree tutors helped me a lot for honing indispensable English and Maths skills. At first, the homework load was quite onerous for me. However, after few weeks, ...


2016 John Monash Science School 김지은학생 수강후기 16.09.14

I dreamed of going to John Monash science school. My preparation for JMSS was 12 months and my essay structure and spelling were my very weak points. Throughout the 12 mont...